Regular student attendance is important for student learning and progress throughout the school year.   The state’s financial support for schools is also directly linked to student attendance. To ensure our students’ attendance records are counted for maximum state funding this school year, please make sure your child attends school each day February 8 – 12, 2016. … More Attendance

Space Exploration

We are wrapping up the astronomy unit studying how humans explore outer space.  We created posters illustrating the electromagnetic spectrum.  The EM spectrum is used to learn about distant objects’ temperature and composition.  Today we start learning about the history of rockets and how they are important tools to get to space.  You may still … More Space Exploration

Extra Credit

Extra Credit still available at Markham Park’s observatory for free any Saturday night.  Write a paragraph about what you saw and what you learned.  You must present evidence you where there such as photo of yourself at the observatory or a flyer or card from there. Last day to turn it in for 2nd  quarter … More Extra Credit

Field Trip

EVERGLADES FIELD STUDY JAN. 14th or 15th Pay online Print, fill out and return the following forms County permission form Science Eye form Pioneer T-shirt order form if you do not have one Last day to pay is Thursday 12/17/15