Great Start

So far we are off to a great start. Please try to have the following supplies by the week’s end: pens, pencils, a folder,  a one or two inch 3 ring binder, notebook paper, a highlighter, a USB flash drive (for later in the year – get a cheap one) and rain gear (small umbrella … More Great Start

Welcome to the Lab!

I look forward to the start of a great year full of questions and scientific investigations.  Get plenty of sleep Sunday night.  Be ready for lab activities most every week.  Don’t panic – middle school is way better than elementary school.

Test on 5/24 Study: 1. Recipe for a cloud 2. Atmosphere Graph 3. Stormbuster research 4. Bill Nye Atmosphere 5. Water Cycle Diagram from text 6. Energy Transfer Poster 7. Kahoot

Geology Labs

We are currently working on the Geo Lab Stations.  Go to the Projects menu above and select Geology to see what we are doing.  There are 12 stations divided  into 4 packets of 3 lab stations.  Students take a pretest before starting  each packet. Students work on each station’s activities for 2 days.  After 6 … More Geology Labs

Astronomy Exam

The final Astronomy Exam is tentatively scheduled for 2/17.  We will be reviewing beforehand.  Use the Pretest from earlier in the year for practice.  You will need your Quia username and password (see your agenda where you recorded it).  We will be working on a study guide on 2/10.  Use the Kahoot game for practice … More Astronomy Exam